Having started detailing over 15 years ago as a hobby, I always had the drive to set up a business to share my passion and skill with others. Aero Detailing was born in 2020 out of a desire to provide customers with the same attention to detail and high standards that are expected of me in the aviation industry.

As the sole director of the company, I am able to maintain the high-standards in the quality of my work – my aim is to deliver a detailing service that is second to none.

With more than 15 years experience combined in both the automotive and aviation industry, I understand perfectly what customers expect and demand for both vehicles and aircraft.

I aim to provide a service that is helpful, fully insured, professional, friendly and trusted. On commission, it is my duty to preserve the attention to detail that your vehicle deserves. Each vehicle or aircraft is treated as my own. I aim to provide the highest standards in preparation, correction and protection. Vehicles are evaluated on an individual basis thus ensuring you have the best possible finish available. Each detail is bespoke to you as a client.


Having started working in the motor trade in 2005 for SAAB, and then latterly BMW, I understand the premium automotive sector and the largely untapped potential for perfection in vehicles leaving a dealership. I have also seen first hand, generally, the lack of care, attention and investment that is paid by dealer groups into the preparation of both new and used vehicles.

More recently, as a consumer, experience of purchasing cars has led me to establish that there are few to no services for paint correction and specialist coating application available at dealerships. The net result of this is that once a customer has collected their new vehicle they must then give up the vehicle again for several days to achieve their desired level of detail and subsequent coating application of choice.

This is where Aero Detailing fills a niche. We travel to your selling dealership and make sure your vehicle is prepared to our standards prior to your collection date. By utilising the expertise of a professional detailer, we do not compromise on quality of products and workmanship. In addition, we can also identify, almost forensically, if a vehicle has had any significant bodywork repairs or signs of crash damage that may indicate not just cosmetic issues but also potential structural abnormalities. You can tell a lot simply from the paint on a car…..

Your car is your pride and joy…. Let us have pride in our work and you have the joy of paint perfection!


With over 3000 hours flying single engine, twin engine and large commercial aircraft, I am very aware of how significantly aircraft condition can vary. From poor hangarage to incorrect washing techniques using products that are harmful to paint resulting in oxidation, marring, scratching and UV fading, I am able to provide a fully mobile service to correct the majority or all of these issues at a fraction of the cost of the current solution…..

The benefits of preserving paint far outweigh the relatively low cost. Ceramic and Nano coatings have come a long way in the last 10 years, with aerospace specific solutions being more readily and commercially available. With years of experience in automotive coating application, the fundamentals to achieving perfection in aviation are the same.

It is my firm belief that your aircraft can and should be treated with the same degree of care and maintenance that your vehicle receives with regards paint preparation, correction and protection. Whether your aircraft is metal or composite there are solutions for most painted surfaces with the addition to our cockpit and interior detailing service.

Whether you are an owner of a GA aircraft or a business jet, the cockpit and cabin is where you are largely going to spend most of your time. With materials used varying massively dependent on age, we have safe solutions for cleaning, rejuvenating and preserving the interior of your aircraft. Carpet enhancement, leather cleaning and treatment, plastic treatments and specialist instrument & flight equipment cleaning, we can cater to your needs and demands.

On commission, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your aircraft is not only in the hands of a professional detailer, but, uniquely, also a professional airline pilot. With that knowledge in mind, you can rest assured, every detail covered will be done to the same exacting standards placed on me as an aviator.


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I look forward to the opportunity to work on your vehicle or aircraft for you.

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